The Skeleton Flute

Coming August 27, 2024 – Aladdin Books

When Sam Windsor’s parents let him and his siblings, Grayson and Addie, skip school to go to the beach, the plan seems too good to be true. It turns out that feeling was right because that evening Sam’s parents drop the news that shatters Sam’s world: they’re separating, and his dad is moving out.

More than anything, Sam wants his parents to stay together. So when a strange man offers Sam a flute made of bone and tells him that playing it can grant him his greatest desire, Sam is desperate enough to try, no matter how creepy or absurd the stranger’s gift seems. And surprisingly, the wish Sam made on the skeleton flute comes true. The next day, his parents are happily in love, with no plans for his dad to leave. But there’s a major problem. Addie and Grayson have disappeared as if they never existed.

His siblings’ absence isn’t the only thing that changed. Sam’s best friend is suddenly hanging out with a different crowd, and everything in Sam’s life is slightly off. Caught in a web of unintended consequences, Sam must try to get his old life back, despite the challenges that are waiting for him if he succeeds. And that means uncovering the mystery behind the strange man’s identity–and the skeleton flute.